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What makes a Hotel Green?

Hote Palomar San FranciscoGoing Green has never been more fashionable. It used to be true that a hotel could put out a sign that says please don't make us wash the towels and that would be enough to call yourself "green". Now there are 3 ways a hotel calls itself green. One way a hotel calls itself green is by joining organizations such as the Green Hotels Association where you pledge to conserve resources and make your hotel or lodge energy efficient. Other ways are are to build programs that will help you get certifications such as Energy star or LEED. Various State organizations are being formed but most states are still not sure what to do. Still other hotels are following their own road and developing ways of saving energy that are unique to their properties.

City Spotlight San Francisco

Marriott SanSan Francisco has always had a progressive culture. It makes sense that this city would have many hotels that have a green footprint. Through certifications from the state of California and Energy Star, dozens of hotels now have a legitimate way to show how the are helping to reduce waste and preserve out environment.

State Spotlight: Massachusetts

The Lenox BostonMassachusetts is home to one of the first hotels to push eco-friendly policies. Now, hundreds of hotels are following in their footsteps. Check out the many hotels in and near Boston.





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