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Green Hotel Association

Green Hotels Association's purpose is to bring together hotels interested in environmental issues. This organization promotes environmental practices in the lodging and hospitality industry. Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter that includes tips on how to save water, energy and reduce solid waste They also detail which environmentally-preferable products are available to the industry. The association also provides marketing to member hotels through its Web site.

General managers, chief engineers and executive housekeepers do not have the time to search out all the environmentaly-friendly ideas that apply to the hospitality industry. On joining, members receive a 100+ page booklet ideas options and techniques revealing how to reduce bills as well as the hotel's impact on your destination.

The Green Hotels Association has been offering towel rack hangers and sheet changing cards which ask guests to consider using their linens more than once. These gentle reminders, now found in thousands of hotel guest bathrooms, can save 5% on utilities alone. At least 70% of guests can be expected to participate.

They have also researched environmentally-friendly energy and water-saving products, and chose the best for hotels for saes catalog. It contains such water-saving devices as a toilet-tank fill diverter, which saves about 3/4 gallon of water per flush. Hair and skin care dispensers save money and offer guests shampoo and soap at the push of a button. The guestroom recycler basket is a beautiful, sturdy open-diamond pattern, and is designed for long service.

They are primarily a membership based organization. Benefits include a bi-monthly Greening Newsletter with smart, practical ideas, heavy media publicity, an Internet listing and public identification as a "Green" Hotel via pole and front desk flags.

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